Tax Reform

Job Creation and Growth of Main Street Economies

When state government is bursting at the seams with a near $2 billion surplus – caused by a $2 billion tax increase — Rich believes it’s time for a responsible tax cut for Minnesota families and small

business owners. Rich supports efforts to reform taxes to spur investment and savings. Rich understands Minnesota’s quality of life requires investments in education, health care and the environment, but over-taxation or poorly designed tax policy serves to hinder job growth and economic expansion.

“Common sense tells us that when a state has a 2 billion dollar budget surplus, tax rates are too high. The limits economic growth and job creation. When government has too much month, it finds ways to spend it foolishly, as special-interest groups well know.”

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I'm out door knocking every week in towns throughout Rice County. Winning will require a strong grassroots organization.  Will you join us?

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