Issue two – Preserving Agriculture as Minnesota’s Best Natural Resource

Rich Draheim is blessed to be a life-long Minnesotan, born and raised in Mankato. After graduating from Minnesota State Mankato with a business administration degree, Rich went to work full time as a Manager at John Deere implement dealerships throughout southern Minnesota. Rich worked there for almost 20 years. It was here Rich learned much about agriculture and how the cost of inputs such as equipment, seed, fertilizer, repairs, drought and floods could make the difference between profit and loss in any given year. Rich also saw first-hand how government-imposed taxes, fees and regulations made farming challenging in a good year, but even more burdensome in a year when weather conditions were tough. Rich believes Minnesota is a leader in agriculture because Minnesota farmers know and understand the importance of being wise stewards of the land. When our farm, food and agricultural economy is strong, so too are our small town main street economies, and our state as a whole. Rich understands that farming is more than just crop or livestock production. That’s why Rich will work with farmers and agriculture organizations to ensure farm-friendly state policies related to:

  • Water quality issues
  • Environmental regulatory reform
  • GMO labeling
  • Transportation funding and infrastructure
  • Animal welfare
  • Agriculture technology restrictions
  • Taxes

We can trust Rich Draheim to be a leader on farm and agriculture issues that preserve agriculture as Minnesota’s original and best natural resource. Preserving Agriculture as Minnesota’s Best Natural Resource. Rich was recently endorsed by the great people at the Minnesota Farm Bureau!