Common Sense Leadership for Accountable State Government

“I’ll work with my forward-looking counterparts on both sides of the aisle to bring an accountable, new direction to our State.”

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Lifelong South Central Minnesota Resident and
Experienced Small Business Owner

Rich Draheim brings Common Sense Leadership for Accountable State Government.


Promotion of job creation and growth of main street economies.


Fair education funding, reform and accountability.


Overall emphasis on effective and efficient government.

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It’s Decision Time. Why Me?

It’s Decision Time. Why Me?

On Tuesday, (for those who have yet to vote) you’ll make the decision as to who should represent you in the Minnesota State Senate for the next four years. It won’t surprise you that I believe I’m the best candidate, and worthy of your vote. But why? That’s a...

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Ethics That Go Beyond Rule 56

Ethics That Go Beyond Rule 56

Rule 56 of the Permanent Rules of the Minnesota Senate outlines the standards of ethical conduct members are to follow. In the first section, 56.1, it reads as follows: “Members shall adhere to the highest standard of ethical conduct as embodied in the Minnesota...

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